What’s Included

Our planning services include:

Consultations via Email, Phone, FaceTime, Skype Included
Advice on Bikes, Gear, Nutrition and Training Included
Rail-Trail or Road Map  Included
Personalized Tour Book  Included
Recommended Lodging or Camping  Included
Assistance with Transportation Options  Included
Daily Itinerary Identifying:
Recommended Rest Stops and Meal Locations; Points of Interest Along Your Route; Bike Shops; Contact Information for Your Accommodations

*Price based upon number of riding days

The price for planning and personalizing your tour is just $50 per day! Fees are payable at time of booking with cash, check or PayPal. After receipt, we will work together to fine-tune your tour details, including:

  • how to get to and from the ride start/end
  • what bike to bring or purchase
  • what gear to pack
  • what weather to expect
  • the elevation you’ll encounter on your road tour
  • what else you can see and do

Questions in advance?  Contact us!