Maybe you’re looking to explore some of the most beautiful, easily traveled cycling areas in the eastern United States. You’re a seasoned tourer or want to become one. You want to soak up the scenery, get some miles under your belt, and enjoy the local food, history and culture along the way.

Road-Tested Bike Tours LLC brings you this and much more, all for $50 a day! We plan personalized, self-guided and self-supported tours for individuals, groups and bike touring companies featuring rail-trails and roads in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Maryland and West Virginia.

You can tour on any day of the year and for any number of days. Your bike tour can be one-way, round-trip or a hub-and-spoke where you overnight in one location and cycle different routes each day. Side trips and rest days are easily incorporated. You carry the gear; we carry the load of planning your trip.

Are you ready to go exploring, and leave the details to us?

Choose Your Adventure!

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