Customer Feedback

Erin, Casual Cyclist and Twenty-Something Adult
“I have ridden the Ohiopyle part of the Great Allegheny Passage rail-trail with Deb for years and years and truly enjoy her passion for cycling and the outdoors. I really appreciated her knowledge, experience and sense of adventure. She not only wanted to enjoy the rides herself, but also wanted to ensure that I was having a great time. She offered great advice regarding which bike to use, what to wear, and the range of speed that I should go based on my biking experience. Thank you Deb for opening my eyes to the world of biking and allowing me to see nature in a different way.”

Scott, First Time Tourer and High School Student
“For my high school senior project I chose the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Towpath tours. I hadn’t had any experience planning a trip or what to expect on our ride. I reached out to Deb for some information, and I’m more than thankful for the advice that Deb provided! She was so thorough in her recommendations for my bike, pedals and gear. What could have been a much less enjoyable and comfortable trip was made much better via Deb’s recommendations. That experience was a defining moment in my life. I no longer own a car and get around by bicycle in my hometown of Amsterdam.”

Jim, Seasoned Bike Club Cyclist
“As a seasoned cyclist with almost 30,000 local club miles in the saddle over the past three years, I wanted to expand my horizons to a self-guided, self-supported tour. I chose the Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway tours last summer, planned for me by Deb. My initial apprehension about doing my first tour in the mountains quickly went away due to Deb’s great planning and attention to detail. I’ve already booked a Great Allegheny Passage tour for this coming summer.”

Ted, Avid Cyclist and Very Senior Citizen
“As an avid cyclist I have done many domestic and foreign cycling tours w/ the big outfits (Vermont Bicycle Tours and Backroads)…..both are very good outfits…and both have become very expensive. This new venture should be able to capture much of the same excitement of bike touring w/o the heavy cost!!!!  I personally have ridden with Deb for many miles over the past several years…her positive approach to cycling is hard to match.”

[Note: Ted joined me on my Great Allegheny Passage, Western Maryland Rail Trail and C&O Canal Towpath tours in 2012, my Quebec tour in 2013 and my Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway tours in 2014.]

Alice, Seasoned Tourer and Long-Time Cyclist
“Deb and I have been on several short and multi-day cycling trips.  I have to say, Deb has taken care of the planning and the organizational details of each wonderful adventure. I am looking forward to our next trip here in the US or abroad.”

[Note: Alice joined me on my Virginia Capital Trail and Quebec tours in 2013.  I joined her on her Bicycle Route 76 tour in 2011 in Illinois and Kentucky.]

Gary, Avid Rail-Trail Cyclist
“I have become an avid 1,000 + mile a year Rails-to-Trails rider and Deb was the person to get me excited about biking almost 10 years ago. She has helped me with bike purchases, equipment selection and trail advice.  I have used her bike maps often and have obtained invaluable information, some of which I am using as I plan a group trip this coming summer from Pittsburgh to Washington DC along the GAP and C&O Canal Trails.  Deb is organized, knows much about trip planning and has the experience you need.  I am confident she will do all she can to make your trip the adventure of a lifetime.”

Joel,  Looking for New Biking Adventures
“I have known and bicycled with Deb for over a year now and am amazed at all the places she knows for bicycling adventures. She is very organized and has bike routes programmed in her brain. What is not programmed in her brain she is adept at getting from the internet.  You can never go wrong choosing one of Deb’s bike tours.  Know that I never have!”

[Note: Joel joined me on my Great Allegheny Passage tour in 2015.]

Tom, “Hills Are Your Friends” Cyclist
“Before she abandoned us in Pittsburgh many moons ago, I was one of Deb’s regular cycling buddies. Deb would lead us over roads we never knew existed, to places formerly unknown. Aside from being a great leader and organizer, I believe that she can really read a map (and probably write a few of her own). If you ever get to bike with her, she is wonderful and interesting to talk to. Definitely plan on taking advantage of her tour planning.”

[Note: Tom joined me on my Quebec tour in 2013 and my Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway tour in 2014 and 2015.]

Liz, Experienced Tourer in the US and Abroad
“I have cycled both here and abroad for 30 yrs and I can attest to the fact that Deb’s attention to detail in the preparation and implementation of rides is excellent. She takes the worry out of it and makes it fun. I simply love riding with her.”

And from my Warmshowers cycling friends:

Marcelle et Philippe, Mid-Twenty and Early-Thirty Adults from Quebec, All Over the World Cyclists
“Sometimes we meet someone on our way and we would like being able to carry her in our panniers for… a long time! Meeting Deb has been the most beautifull encounteer of this trip. We’ve been sticking in her living room for 4 days waiting for Hurricane “Sandy” to get over us. Every moment with Deb have been well spent eating M&M, drinking wine and talking, talking, talking… like old friends! We are so glad we met you and shared these moments. Thanks, thanks, thanks”

Jeroen, Twenty-Something Adult and Teacher from Belgium, All Over the World Cyclist
“Deb was incredibly welcoming, hospitable and helpful! She totally understands what a cyclist needs.”

Ricardo, Twenty-Something from Brazil, Around the World Cyclist
“Deb has amazing high level of positive energy and is was very inspiring for me. I felt that I grow just staying with her for one evening. Amazing woman, super worthed to meet. thanks again Deb. I’ll miss you :). I wish all the best in your cycling adventures.”

David, Almost Retired Elementary School Teacher from Washington DC
“Deb was a wonderful host for this first time bike traveler. Everything was superb: food, conversation, her knowledge of bike tours and especially her delightful personality. Thanks again for the stay.”