History and raw beauty
You’ll cycle trails and roads in areas that were instrumental in the development of our nation. The tours we offer are on historic sites managed by the National Park Service, state authorities or nonprofit foundations. You can rest assured that they are clean, well-managed and safe. The scenery is astounding, and you’ll learn much about the historical significance of each area through the information we provide as well as the interpretive signage and other resources along your route. Better yet, our tours are linear, meaning that you stay on the same route during the whole tour. We’ll provide the maps, but there is no need for cue sheets or worries about getting lost!

Passionate tour planners
We love racking up thousands of miles each year riding these trails and roads and want to share our knowledge of them with you at an affordable price. Each tour has been “Road-Tested” by us. We offer tips and inside information that only a touring cyclist would know. Our attention to detail will give you the confidence to ride in an area you may not be familiar with since you will know in advance what to anticipate.

A variety of styles and levels of difficulty
We’ll match your interest and ability to the tour or tours that best fit your needs. We will recommend tours based upon whether you want to stay in one place (hub-and-spoke tour) or in different locations (one-way or round-trip). We’ll find out what type of terrain and surface you prefer and how many miles you want to ride per day. We are “gear-heads” who know a lot about bicycles and their components. We’ll find out what bike you have or want to purchase and will recommend what setup works best on your tour based on our experience of road-testing these routes.

And, of course, we want you to add any other details that would help us to help you. Our goal is to have you love not only your first tour but to come back for many more!

Tours at a Glance