Great Allegheny Passage


Great Allegheny Passage

Enjoy, tour and explore the Great Allegheny Passage between Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Cumberland, Maryland, with this comprehensive guide!  “Bicycling the Great Allegheny Passage” includes more than 30 points of interest; interactive maps and mileages with elevations; travel options; where to stay, dine and park; plus more! 40 pages of information in an easy-to-read and follow format. A wealth of information for just $30!



Description: There’s a good reason why the tag line for the Great Allegheny Passage is the “Ride of your Life”. CNN rated it the top spot in Pennsylvania to visit in 2014! You’ll have a memorable experience cycling the 150 miles on former rail lines between Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Cumberland, Maryland. The Great Allegheny Passage gradually climbs over the Allegheny Mountains with a grade that never exceeds 1.5% eastbound from Pittsburgh or 2% westbound from Cumberland. Its highest point is the Eastern Continental Divide. And the fun doesn’t stop with the GAP!  In Pittsburgh it connects to the Three Rivers Heritage Trail, a 25 mile urban non-linear rail-trail that runs alongside Pittsburgh’s famous three rivers.

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Website: Great Allegheny Passage
Distance One-Way: 150 miles
States: Pennsylvania, Maryland
End Points (West to East): Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Cumberland, Maryland
Type: Rail-Trail
Linear Trail: Yes
Surface: Firmly-packed crushed limestone, with a few asphalt sections near urban areas
Terrain: Flat
Vehicular Speed Limit: Not applicable

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*Combine with the C&O Canal Towpath and Western Maryland Rail Trail to extend your tour

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